DVD: An Understanding Beyond Our Own

An Understanding of Our OwnAn Understanding Beyond Our Own contains both universal tales and personal narratives from Antonio’s Brazilian background, beliefs and travel experiences. With his celebrated and unique fusion of mime and verbal narrative, Antonio delivers stories that not only reflects his past, but also a way into the now and future.
Here are some eloquent words from Jay O’Callahan about the DVD:
“ What wonderful work! I loved the stories. Antonio is so graceful, his voice and characters are alive and compelling. His DVD is fun, fascinating, intimate and masterful”.  Jay O’ Callahan – Master Storyteller, NEA Recipient, NSN Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient. 
1- The Kid and the Giant.
2- Alazao, the Horse that saved six lives.
3- The Eagle who thought it was a Chicken.
4- Life begins when you turn 40!
And including, By the seashore, a Mime short.

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