January 06
Event: L/A Arts Residency.
Place: Auburn, ME.
Date:  11th - 13th.
           18th-  20th.
           25th-  27th.

February 06
Event: L/A Arts Residency continues.
Place:  Auburn, ME.
Date:   1st- 3rd, March 06

Event: Young Audiences of VA tour.
Place: Various schools.
Date: 27th of Feb. through the 4th of March.
Event: Nantucket Library and school tour.
Place:  Nantucket Atheneum and Elem. School.
Date:   10th with a public show at 7pm at Atheneum.

Event: Class Acts tour.
Place: Various schools in the DC area.
Date:  20th through the 30th.

April 06
Event:  Texas Storytelling Festival.
Place: Denton, Texas.
Date:  March 31st to April 2nd.
Event:  Various Schools.
Place: Tahoe Vista, California.
Date:  4th to the 7th.

Event: Long Fellow School Residency.
Place: Portland, ME.
Date: April 24th to May 2nd. May 9th to 11th.

May 06      
Event: Village of Tales Festival.
Place: Ojai, California.
Date:  May 4th to the 7th.

Event: Dogwood Arts Festival.
Place: Dowagiac, Michigan.
Date: 16th and 17th.
For more info please visit:       

Event: Art of Storytelling.
Place: Miami
Date:  19th and 20th.
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June 06
Event: Tales of Graz.
Place: Graz, Austria.
Date:  TBA.
Event: Storytelling Workshop.
Place: Celebration Barn Theatre, So. Paris - Maine.
Date:  25th to July 1st.
For more information please go to Workshops in my webpage. 
July 06
Event: Library tour.
Place:  Various towns in Louisiana.
Date:   25th to the 29th.

September 06
Event: Ohio Storytelling Festival.
Place: Chillicothe, Ohio.
Date:  8th and 9th.
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