Antonio Rocha

Antonio Rocha (pronounced Haw-sha), is an award winning storyteller whose unique fusion of mime and spoken word has been presented not only in premier venues in the United States, but also in 15 other countries across 6 continents. Often a featured teller in the Nation’s premier storytelling events, Antonio Rocha’s programs can also be booked for libraries, schools, museums, universities and special events where good listening is cultivated. With his tenor voice, realistic sound effects and mesmerizing moves, Antonio is sure to tickle your funny bone and delight your soul.


Upcoming Events

Please find below an exciting list of performances for 2019  in the follow states and storytelling events: Utah: Weber Univ. Festival, Texas: Tejas Festival, Maine: Footlights Theatre run, Mississippi: Lee County Library Festival, , Austria: Internationales Festival, Sweden:  Ljungby Festival, Maine: Wells Library & Denmark Theatre, California: Sierra Festival, Utah: Timpanogos Festival and Conference, Nebraska: MoonShell Festival, Kentucky: Haunting in the Hills Festival, New Mexico: SOMOS Taos Festival, and  California: Wine County Spoken Word Festival and more. You may click on each bullet below in order to speed up the strolling process. Thank you. 

Weber Univ. Storytelling Festival

Feb. 25 through the 27th - 2019
Please come and join me at my first appearance at this great Festival.
Please click here for program.

Tejas Storytelling Festival

March 8th through 10th
I hope to see you there.
Please click here for more info.

Footlights Theatre run.

I am super excited to premier new work at this gem of a theatre.
Adult shows April 5th and 6th at 7:30
Family matinee: Saturday April the 6th at 2pm.

Lee County Library Festival 

Narrative Storytelling Festival
Tupelo - Mississippi

April 12th and 13th
For Schedule and more info please click here.

Austria Internationales Festival

June 5th to 13th and 17th to 22nd.
Super excited to be returning to this premier event.


Ljungby Storytelling Festival

Sweden June 14th to 16th
I am excited and honored  to be returning to celebrate their 30th anniversary.
Please click here for more info.

Kansas City Central & Bluford Public Libraries

Sierra Storytelling Festival
California - July 18th to 23rd.
I am very excited to premier my work at this Festival
For more info please click here

National Storytelling Festival

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and Conference
Utah - September 4th through the 8th.
I am super excited to be returning to this amazing Festival to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
Please click here for more info.


Nebraska Moonshell Storytelling Festival

Nebraska Moon Shell Storytelling Festival
September 14th
Please click here for more information

Hunting in the Hills Storytelling Festival

Sept 20th and 21st.
Please click here for more information.

Taos NM Storytelling Festival

I am super happy to be returning to this great Storytelling Festival.
Oct. 11th and 12th.
Please click here for more information

Petaluma Wine County Spoken Word Festival 

Petaluma Wine County Spoken Word Festival
Nov. 7th through the 10th
I am looking forward to premiering my work at this one of kind event.
Please click here for more information.

I strive to use my thirty three year experience as a solo performer not only to entertain but to also showcase lessons from different aspects of life. Using the versatile yet economic nature of storytelling and mime, I invite the audience to activate their imagination through rich symbolism and imagery. Thank you for visiting.
You will root for Turtle in the journey to realizing its dreams, and learn that nothing is impossible with the help of family and friends.

You will root for Turtle as it journeys to realize its dreams of going to the Party in the Sky. Along the way Turtle learns that nothing is impossible with the help of family and friends.

This DVD was inspired by Antonio’s first trip to Africa. It includes African Folk Tales to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.  A Mime Skit and tips for the story teller are also included.

This DVD features three Brazilian folktales and some mime work through Antonio's unique blend of verbal narrative and movement. It is sure to entertain and educate both young and adults.

This latest DVD includes two of Antonio’s favorite personal stories and two folk tales.

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