Thank you very much being here. We are grateful for your interest in what Antonio Rocha has to offer, and hope that you will find what you need for your audience(s). 
Although most of Antonio Rocha's bookings are for school age children, he also offers unique shows for older age groups, including  workshops and private coaching sessions not only for performers, but for those who wish to include  storytelling into their business presentations and classrooms.  Below you will find his contact information, event calendar, merchandise and a place to sign up for his e-news letter. Please, If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact him directly at Antonio Rocha Inc. via [email protected] or at 207 329 0849.
Enjoy your visit.

Please enjoy HERE an article in Maine's prestigious DownEast magazine. 


Upcoming Events

Please find below an exciting list of public events where I will be performing. I hope to see you soon.  

- Timpanogos Storytelling Festival-
   September 7-9 2023.

- Cincinnati Storytelling Festival - Oct 19th- 21st. '23

- Midland Storytelling Festival - Nov 29th to Dec 2nd-'23

- New Year Gorham - Gohram High School Dec 31st '23-

Happy New Year 

-Vinalhaven School Residency - Maine Jan 29th to Feb 2nd '24

-Do tell Storytelling Festival - Madison GA Feb 9th. '24

-Broward Co Public Library FL 50th Anniversary Celebration
   Feb 23rd '24- Please click on the date for more information. 

-Speak Series in Shepherdstown WV April 9th 7:30pm '24
      I will be presenting : The Malaga Ship: A Story of Maine and the Middle Passage. 

-Sounds of the Mountain Storytelling Festival 
April 12th-13th '24.

The above schedule contains Public shows - 
  I do not publish private school events. Thank you -

Speak Series

I will be back to charming Shepherstown WV to present The Malga Ship: A story of Maine and the Middle Passage on
April 9th at 7:30 PM. Please click
HERE for directions and ticket info. Thanks. 

Sounds of The Mountain Festival

I am glad to be back at this lovely Festival with Motoko, Bil Lepp and Kevin Kling on April 12th &13th. Please click HERE for more details on tickets and schedule. Thank you.

"Stories beget understanding - Understanding begets respect -Respect begets justice - Justice begets peace - That is the power of Story" - Antonio Rocha
You may reach Antonio Rocha via: [email protected] or 207 329 -0849 - Thank you
You will root for Turtle in the journey to realizing its dreams, and learn that nothing is impossible with the help of family and friends.

You will root for Turtle as it journeys to realize its dreams of going to the Party in the Sky. Along the way Turtle learns that nothing is impossible with the help of family and friends.

This DVD was inspired by Antonio’s first trip to Africa. It includes African Folk Tales to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.  A Mime Skit and tips for the story teller are also included.

This CD features 6 personal stories from my Immigration narrative:
On the Table - Happy and Kind - Cabin Fever - A New Citizen - A Walk to Remember - Blame it on Hollywood.

This DVD includes: Alazão, the horse that saved six lives - The kid and the Giant - Life begins when you turn 40- The Eagle who thought it was a chicken - A mime short.

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