The Malaga Ship: A story of Maine and the Middle Passage

The Malaga was a 183 ton brig built in Brunswick, Maine, in a shipyard owned  by Joseph Badger in 1832. The ship eventually found herself as part of the already Illegal transatlantic trade of African captives to the Americas. The Malaga Ship Story is a tour de force performance.  Using his entire body and voice, Antonio sings, narrates, and mimes his way through this poetically toned historical tale told mostly from the perspective of the ship. The story vividly explores the reality and impact of the slave industry, which was the largest industry in the world in the 1800s which connect Malaga to Rio de Janeiro Brazil, where Antonio was raised.

" I could not believe the coincidences  between the ship and myself. She was built in Maine and went to Brazil to bring to my home country part of my ancestry. I was born in Brazil and came to Maine where I learn to be a storyteller. The more I read about Malaga, the more I realized I was born to tell her story." - Antonio Rocha

The performance lasts 45 minutes and due to the impactful nature of the presentation, it is followed by a discussion session with the audience. Usually the audience stays on for another 30 minutes following a performance asking question's about the Middle Passage, and how the performance was designed. 

"Antonio Rocha’s performance of Malaga was riveting! Antonio masterfully activates the imagination of the audience using history, mime, and spellbinding characters to tell this tale in a unique and fascinating way. He navigates us through a litany of emotions, and in conclusion we discover that we learn a great deal about history and ourselves."

Betsy Heid-Puelle Drama Teacher at Yarmouth HS, Maine.

"To paraphrase Maya Angelou, “it may be enough to have it said that we [as a people] survive in exact relationship to the dedication” of our artists.  So often, understanding and informing history is most effectively achieved through the many forms of artistic expression.  In his extraordinary performance of the The Malaga Ship: A Story of Maine and the Middle Passage,” Antonio Rocha exemplifies the way in which the difficult history of the trans-Atlantic human trade is infused with “shades of deeper meaning,” brought to life, and shared.

Ann Cobb Executive Director and Ann Chin, Program Director.- Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project

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This performance is available for museums, events, middle & high schools -colleges - business Keynotes.

Please contact Antonio directly if you have any further interest about this one of a kind historical Presentation.
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